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Breaking Barriers to Basic Needs

According to the Food Research and Action Center, in 2020, 1 in 12 New Jersey households experienced barriers preventing consistent access to affordable food. Food Pantries across the state work together with their communities to help eliminate these barriers. Hunterdon County and Flemington are not immune to these struggles. Numerous food pantries around the county do their best to help feed their community. SNAP benefits are limited and may only cover a few items, traditional pantries are overwhelmed with requests; we knew we wanted to join in this fight against hunger.


While Safe Harbor does not have an established traditional pantry, we have partnered with local farms and businesses to provide fresh foods to those that need it most. In addition, we are so blessed with a community that always answer our call for help during various food and toiletry drives throughout the year. These partnerships have resulted in the ability to provide large quantities of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need. The generosity of these partnerships also provides other basic needs such as clothing, toiletry items, blankets, etc. Our goal is to reach families who are survivors of domestic violence, families who use English as a second language, and anyone experiencing hardships which keep them from obtaining things we often take for granted every day. In 2024, we will continue to offer community programs with a more focused approach to breaking down barriers to basic needs for those in the Hunterdon County Community.  

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