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PJ Party Memories

December 28, 2023, we held our annual PJ party! What started as a small gathering where kids received a pair of pajamas, has turned into an event for family units of all sizes and kinds. PJs were given out, pizza was eaten, our future artists were busy in the coloring corners, and everyone enjoyed the magic of a bubble igloo!! The moments we captured in pictures don’t do justice to the fun and excitement experienced that night.


Our community-based events are designed to encourage harmony, promote family time (no matter how one defines family), and most importantly, help children fully understand what safe and healthy socialization looks like. What better way to help people and encourage community unity than by bringing people together for fun, laughter, and providing access to some of the most basic of needs. This wasn’t a regular pizza party nor was it just a PJ giveaway. People of all ages were welcomed into a safe environment and left knowing they will forever be part of the Safe Harbor Family. Our doors are open throughout the week to provide help and support however we can. Our events expand upon those principles with the addition of food, entertainment, giveaways, and the safety of a space where families can experience the joy that comes from being part of a larger community.  


From teen volunteers, to parent helpers, to people just enjoying the evening, the event proved to be one of our best yet. We saw kids interacting with teens learning healthy socialization techniques, a community being welcomed into a safe environment creating everlasting memories, and the opportunity for everyone to enjoy uninterrupted family time. We can’t wait for our events in 2024!


It was such a magical night seeing so many happy smiling faces.” -Carol Dvoor, Director of Safe Harbor



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