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Honoring Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month and the theme for 2024 is celebrating women who embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. I can think of someone who embodies all those things every single day. She works hard to help her community and make it a little easier for those who are struggling to find what they need and feel confident in who they are.


Carol is a woman of many talents with a love of helping survivors of domestic violence and other forms of trauma by offering community-based programs that encourage emotional healing. Safe Harbor, under the direction of Carol, continues to grow programs that focus on trauma informed techniques and ensures the community knows, no matter the situation, Safe Harbor’s doors are open and ready to help. Safe Harbor started as a court visitation focused agency and has grown into a pillar of the community providing support and resources to survivors of domestic violence, trauma, and other community members in need. Carol’s love of helping her community continues to grow. In 2020, she saw how many people were experiencing barriers to the accessibility of the most basic of needs. Her first response was to provide direct deliveries of food and toiletries to families during the height of the pandemic. As the world returned to a new sense of normal, those barriers to basic needs remained. Carol has partnered with local farms and businesses to provide fresh foods, toiletries, clothing, blankets, and more to those who struggle to find these needs on their own! She is always looking to find who in the community is in need, and how Safe Harbor can offer help. In 2023, Safe Harbor moved to a new location, allowing Carol’s vision of creating a place that encourages community unity and neighborhood harmony to come true. Programs continue to expand; the number of families and individuals Safe Harbor serves grows every month.


It takes a someone special to run a nonprofit, and Carol is that special someone. She truly does this work to make the world a better place, and in return, all she asks is that you take the kindness received and give it to someone else. Carol is leading the way to making the community safer, healthier, and an overall happier place. She works hard to close the gaps of care by finding unique ways to help people. She loves her community and everyday someone is touched by her kindness. It’s Women’s History Month and there is no better way for the friends of Safe Harbor to celebrate than by applauding the accomplishments and services provided by Carol.  


Safe Harbor Director Carol Dvoor






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